Meet Our Team

Mary Spencer

Curriculum Writer, Editor

Mary has previously worked Public Schools as a science educator and department chair assisting students and teachers with improving their knowledge in state science standards, NGSS, advanced placement and international baccalaureate science courses. More recently she has worked as a science curriculum writer, developing student lessons that incorporate formative and summative assessment items and teacher lesson guides aligned to NGSS, Bloom’s Taxonomy and Depth of Knowledge. She has experience creating phenomenon-based life science and engineering design stimuli and technology enhanced items aligned to NGSS multi-dimensional standards for grades 6-12. She also has designed NGSS aligned assessment questions with specific Lexile Reading levels for e-learning companies. Her experience and expertise as an educator and curriculum writer has been enveloped into her company, Medica Go Genome.

Jeffrey Madson

Head of Content, Editor

Jeffrey got his Bachelor’s in Zoology, with a minor in Business Administration. He continued on at NY University, one of the leading biology programs in the nation, and obtained a Master’s degree in Professional Natural Sciences.

During graduate school, he worked as a TA for general biology classes. He taught everything from mitosis to PCR, and developed a passion for teaching biology. After school, Jeffrey started working as a freelance writer and has written for DNA testing companies, non-profit organizations, and has developed curriculum for online biology classes.

Jeffrey started on as a writer at Medica Go Genome, and he has been writing and editing ever since!

Jean Roberts

Lead Writer, Editor

Jean received her BSc Hons. degree in Genetics from the University of California in 2012. She then completed her Ph.D. and post-doctoral research at the University of California, where her work focussed on uncovering chromatin structure in stem cells. Her interest in science writing led her – unexpectedly – to a freelance career, where she gets to do lots of interesting research and writing in all areas of biology.

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